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Bruce Cope has been designing and building aluminum boats for thirty nine years. He founded Cope Aluminum Boats in 1987 and since then his company has built over 450 boats.

In 2001 the company shifted its focus exclusively to boat design.

One of the companies Cope Aluminum Boats & Design has done extensive design work for is Coastal Craft Welded Aluminum Boats located in British Columbia, Canada .

The saga of Coastal Craft and Cope Aluminum Boats provides a useful insight into how Bruce values his clients and the loyalty this encourages - Bruce has been Coastal Craft's exclusive designer for the last 8 years. During this time, Nov. 2003 until 2011, Bruce has designed 9 different boats for Coastal Craft starting with a 25ft IO model up to the latest model the Coastal Craft 560 IPS.

One of these was an industry first—the Coastal Craft 420 IPS was the first metal boat in North America to use the Volvo IPS drive system. Doing the design work for the Coastal Craft 420 required Cope Aluminum Boats to communicate extensively with Volvo regarding the design of the engine beds and the structural support for the IPS hull inserts.

Since then Bruce has designed 3 more IPS models for Coastal Craft. These are the Coastal Craft 400 IPS, The Coastal Craft 450 IPS and the Coastal Craft 560 IPS.

Coastal Craft does their own design work for the interior layout and joinery detail, mechanical and electrical detail, and of course comes up with the initial concept for the boats.

Early experience in aluminum boat building include working with Sam Matsumoto's company in North Vancouver BC, one of the pioneers of aluminum boat building in North America, and 2 years on Canada's Americas Cup team that challenged for the cup in 1987. America 's Cup boats were all aluminum back then.

Bruce enjoys passing his knowledge of aluminum boatbuilding on to the next generation of boat builders. He was the consultant for the Vancouver Island University aluminum boat building course and was an instructor as well.

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