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You come up with the concept, and Bruce Cope the owner and designer at Cope Aluminum Boats and Design will take your ideas turn them into a set of plans that you can have a boat builder turn into physical reality.

Whether it is a yacht with beautiful flowing lines or a commercial vessel with rugged practical lines and scantlings designed to take years of abuse, we work with our clients to make their concept a reality.

We use a state of the art 3D modeling program to design the aluminum exterior surfaces of the boat (the hull, deck and cabin) and to provide the information needed for the hydrostatic calculations. We use a second state of the art program to design the internal structural components of the boat.

We then produce a cutfile that contains all of the aluminum components for the boat so they can be CNC cut. In the cutfile all the parts are nested on the appropriately sized sheets of aluminum. We spend the time and effort needed to ensure that the parts are nested in such a way to make maximum use of the aluminum sheets-minimizing waste.

The construction drawings that show the builder how the boat goes together are produced next. Jig designs and plans are also provided as needed.

There you have it---your boat exists in 3D in the computer, and on paper just as you imagined it.

Now you can find a builder that will turn the CNC cut parts into your boat.

This is where 3D modeling and the cutfiles produced for CNC cutting really pay their way.

You can now get building quotes from various builders and they will all be quoting on exactly the same boat-the one in your drawings.

You don't have to balance the benefits of one builders' boat model against the benefits or drawbacks of another builder's similar but different model.

By investing in a design that reflects exactly what your boat is supposed to be, you have control over the outcome of the building process. You are not at the mercy of a builder who has ideas of his own that may be quite different than yours on crucial details. The parts are precut and they only go together one way—the way you specified—the way the plans are drawn and the parts are cut.

These advantages manifest themselves whether you are an individual and are building one boat, or own a company and will produce dozens of boats to this design.

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