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Below are available stock designs. For more information (photographs, renderings and description) click on the model name.

NEW! 11ft Jet Boat
Model Name: Cope 11 ft Jet Boat

The Cope 11ft Jet Boat is the big brother of the Cope 10ft Jet Boat that has proven so successful and popular. The 11ft boat is 10 inches wider on the bottom and 4 inches taller than the 10ft boat.
14ft Jet Boat
Model Name: Cope 14 ft Jet Boat
25ft Quatsino Sound Inboard Outboard
Model Name: Quatsino Sound 25 IO
10ft Jet Boat
Model Name: Cope 10 ft Jet Boat

14ft Skiff
Model Name: Cope 14ft

14 ft Skiff


NEW! 19ft 9 in (6m) Jetsled
Model Name: Kokish River Jetsled

NEW PICTURES! 21ft Cuddy Runabout
Model Name: 21ft Cuddy Runabout


22ft Landing Craft
Model Name: Discovery Passage 22

34ft Curuiser surface drive
Model Name: 34ft Fast Cruiser


36ft Patrol Boat
Model Name: 36ft Patrol Boat

26ft Walk Around
Model Name: 26ft Center Cabin Sports Fisher

16ft 6 inch Center Console (1)
Model Name: Barkley Sounder

18 ft Center Console (2)
Model Name: Malaspina 18

20ft Rib (3)
Model Name: Tofino 20ft Rib

22 ft Center Console (4)
Model Name: Nanoose 22
D23OB SC (5)
Model Name: Yellow Point 23
23 ft Forward Cabin (6)
Model Name: Winter Harbour 23
24ft Landing Craft (7)
Model Name: Cope 24ft Landing Craft
28ft Sport Fisher (8)
Model Name: Offshore 28
25ft Outboard-Short Cabin (9)
Model Name: Yellowpoint 25 SC
25ft Outboard-Long Cabin (10)
Model Name: Yellowpoint 25 LC
25ft Outboard Short Cabin (11)
Model Name: Quatsino Sound 25

16ft Outboard Jet (12)
Model Name: Nimpkish - Outboard Jet
16ft Inboard Jet (13)
Model Name: Nimpkish 16 Inboard Jet

Stock Designs:

•  Each stock design has been built either by Cope Aluminum Boats or other builders

•  Each stock design comes with a complete set of construction drawings to enable you to successfully assemble the boat.

•  The construction drawings include written assembly information where necessary,as well as a welding schedule.

•  Each design comes with a plate list so you can order the aluminum for the boat

•  -Each stock design comes with a digital cut file to enable CNC cutting of all the parts.

•  Jig drawings for assembly jigs as needed

•  Each design entitles the purchaser to a reasonable amount of consultation.This can be by phone and E-mail.

•  Bruce has helped first time boatbuilders hundreds of miles distant, successfully build fairly complex boats of his design with advice on everything from welding machines, cutting and grinding materials to assembly techniques.


A cut file consists of digital drawings of the aluminum plate parts used to build the boat.These parts are nested(grouped ) on drawings of aluminum sheets of stock sizes(5ft x20ft for eg.).A lot of thought is put into nesting the parts in the most efficient manner -- to make the best use of each plate.This minimizes waste.

Each part has its name etched on it, as well as any bend lines and line-up marks that are needed.

The cut file will be sent to the company of your choice that has the capability CNC cutting the parts. The parts can be cut by CNC plasma, waterjet, router, or laser (laser is not commonly used on large aluminum jobs) We will send the cut file to any company that has, or will make, a proprietry agreement with Cope Aluminum Boats.


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