Cope 12 ft Jetboat
Model: Cope 12 ft Jetboat
Design: C036

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Price: $850.00


Length: 12ft
Beam: 5ft 2in
Deadrise: 14 degrees
Power: Inboard with jetpump
Aluminum weight to purchase: 733.16 LBs
*extrusions are not included in this weight and can be estimated at 15% of the weight of plate.


The Cope 12ft Jet Boat is the big brother of the Cope 11ft Jet Boat that has proven so successful and popular. The 12ft boat is the same beam and depth as the 11ft boat and is 1ft longer. The 12ft Jet Boat is able to carry the weight of engines not only from a jet-ski, but also larger engines such as a Subaru Engine. The cockpit is large and comfortable with extra legroom. The bigger engines can give eye watering performance.

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