Cope 22ft 6in Center Console
Model: 22ft 6in Center Console
Design: C060

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Price: $4,200.00


Length: 22ft 6in
Beam: 8ft 3in
Deadrise: 18 degrees
Power: Max. up to 250hp single outboard
Aluminum weight to purchase: 3,989.85LBs
*extrusions are not included in this weight and can be estimated at 15% of the weight of plate.
Trailerable weight of the boat: 3,400LBs


This boat is a pure west coast sport fishing boat with side lockers for your fishing gear and space in front of the console for a large combination seat/cooler for the fish you catch. It has a generous amount of space in the center console to accommodate a portable toilet. With a 225hp outboard it does 40 knots and cruises at 30 knots.

Spec Sheets

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