36ft x 11ft Displacement Catamaran
Model: Cope 36ft Displacement Power Cat
Design: C079

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Price: $11,000.00


Length: 36ft 7in
Length on deck: 33ft 6in
BOA: 11ft 4in
Deadrise: NA
Power:Twin Outboards 200hp – 400hp


This carefully designed displacement power catamaran is a very unique design in our collection. It took us many hours to study, research, and create a one-sixth-scale test model to find its best performance. The boat is designed to be fuel efficient with offshore capability, and be very economical compared to most boats around its size. The flat bottom on each ama of the boat gives lots of room inside with amazing stability. We tested the model many times, and it was amazing to see the model’s great handling characteristics in various conditions.

Spec Sheets

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